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«I have the opportunity to work not only with the most modern technologies, but also with interesting and professional people». Interview with VP of Engineering PIN-UP.TECH

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Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering PIN-UP.TECH. Фото предоставлено пресс-службой

iGaming is one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT business, where innovative products and solutions appear every day. Being a leader in this world means having a professional team of like-minded people. Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering PIN-UP.TECH, talked about the technologies and challenges facing his direction today. 

Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering PIN-UP.TECH

He started his career as a developer of server and client applications. In 2012, he headed the development department — a cross-functional team of 20 specialists covering the full cycle of product development. In 2014, he moved to Kyiv and took the position of CTO in the iGaming company. Subsequently, he worked as CTO, Director, R&D Director, Director of Engineering. He came to PIN-UP.TECH in December 2022, when the direction was in a period of active transformation, both organizational and technical.

After so many years in the industry, what still inspires you? What professional challenges do you find most interesting?

I am still inspired by the opportunity to implement and improve my expertise and management experience every day. I feel great satisfaction when I have interesting technical tasks, where it is necessary not only to plan the process, but also to participate in the development «with my own hands».

I am also inspired by the results of my team and the understanding that we bring practical profit to the business. An important factor for professional inspiration is the opportunity to learn new things — technical approaches and innovations, management tools and mechanisms, social elements and frameworks. And far from the last point in maintaining oneʼs own work zeal is the opportunity to meet, communicate and cooperate with interesting people — professionals in their field and just interesting personalities.

What solutions does PIN-UP.TECH specialize in and what role does it play in the PIN-UP.Global ecosystem? 

PIN-UP.TECH is a team of developers, analysts, managers, engineers, architects and other technical specialists who create and maintain ecosystem products. We specialize in research, implementation, introduction and support of solutions in IT, that is, we provide the PIN-UP.Global ecosystem with all the necessary IT tools and products for efficient and effective activities. We are also working on B2B products, which give us the opportunity to enter the market of providing services to other consumer companies with our developments.

What solutions and approaches directly help to be competitive and remain a leader in your industry?

Use of modern technical and technological stack, approaches, tools and frameworks, project and product mechanisms. We create original ideas and solutions because we have the most important resource for any company – professional experts. We are client-oriented, and we also constantly monitor market trends, which is the key to our success. 

«We create original ideas and solutions because we have the most important resource for any company – professional experts».

Correct and effective long-term strategic decisions allow you to work for the future, without fear of crises and upheavals. A friendly, harmonious and efficient team allows us to work and support each other even in difficult conditions, and investments in promising directions and solutions — to be one step ahead.

How is iGaming different from other IT industries today? What are the main trends in its development?

The field is dynamic and highly competitive in the market — all this requires the use of appropriate approaches and solutions, as well as the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The main development trends are the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, cloud solutions, mobile solutions, configurations for the end user, development of new and alternative promising markets. 

Encryption and data protection technologies help preserve the privacy and integrity of playersʼ personal information. And the integration of fast payment technologies and various payment methods allow users to make transactions in a convenient way.

What innovative products and approaches do you use?

PIN-UP.TECH is an ambitious and progressive team, so we use the most modern technologies and tools: 

  • Service Mesh — to control communication between microservices; 
  • Domain-driven design — for prompt implementation of new features; 
  • TOGAF — to organize a systematic and productive development process. 

We are at the stage of introducing the Data lake repository into the stack, which will allow us to store large arrays of analytical (depersonalized) data and operate them much more efficiently. This year we also plan to implement the use of ML and AI to provide our users with a unique and customized environment. We prefer and focus on cloud solutions — we have many interesting tasks and challenges in this field. We use Golang as the main language for developing our software and services. 

Also, when we face the problem of lack of the necessary software, we take it as a challenge. This was the case with the fraud detection tool — no product on the market had all the necessary features and characteristics. Therefore, our anti-fraud team has created an authorʼs tool that combines traditional anti-fraud tools with elements of artificial intelligence. There are no alternatives to it in the world, so later, when with its help we cover all our own needs, we will offer this solution to other businesses as well.

Dmytro’s three main values at work:

  1. Meeting expectations — both in planning and in achieving goals
  2. Unveiling the potential of my expertise and expanding it
  3. Proactive position and positive attitude to responsibility

There are more than 400 people at PIN-UP. What unites them? 

Our team is united by the desire to get a cool result, to be involved in corporate gains, and to make products and services better. The main features of the team are result- and client-orientation, thirst for development and improvement, willingness and desire to try new things, mutual assistance. And the main skills are professionalism, creativity, systematicity and structure in production and decision-making, consistency in the execution of tasks, the ability to communicate effectively with clients, partners and colleagues.

The strength of PIN-UP.TECH lies in the breadth of views, analytical abilities, a huge baggage of knowledge and skills — this is a large and modern technical stack, progressive technologies, architectural approaches, infrastructure management methods, operation and support approaches, project management and business analysis. 

What approaches help you effectively manage a large international team? 

My principle is to be not only a leader, but also a part of the team. It is very important for me to be in sync with my colleagues — to communicate in the same language, share the same values and aspirations, etc. It is important to have a common strategic vector of movement and development, a mission and long-term goals. Our teambuildings, trainings, conferences and other events lay the foundation, and further relations and cooperation are built on them.

The mission of the leader in the team is to help jointly achieve the set results, to develop both professionally, increasing expertise and the scope of knowledge and skills, and culturally, creating and maintaining a team atmosphere and values. A true leader is a mentor and assistant to his colleagues, he helps them develop and improve, initiates processes and changes in the team, focuses on final results and enables their achievement.


Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering PIN-UP.TECH.

What makes PIN-UP.TECH an interesting place to work? 

The ability to generate your own ideas, present them to colleagues, receive professional feedback and implement them within the entire ecosystem. I have the opportunity to work not only with the most modern technologies, approaches and solutions, but also with interesting and professional people. To build a career at PIN-UP.TECH is to be part of a recognizable and acknowledged brand on the market, and therefore to be part of something big and significant.

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