«We grow in a year as others grow in 10». PIN-UP Global employees say about working in the ecosystem and its development

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«We grow in a year as others grow in 10». PIN-UP Global employees say about working in the ecosystem and its development

How to develop an employer brand that has seven directions in six countries? Oksana Izmailova, CHRD PIN-UP Global, told about the PIN-UP Global team, and the employees of the ecosystem shared their thoughts about working in it.


Oksana Izmailova, CHRD PIN-UP Global

Oksana Izmailova, CHRD PIN-UP Global

The PIN-UP Global ecosystem from the point of view of organization, team and employee motivation

PIN-UP Global is an international ecosystem of independent businesses that create and develop a product for the gaming industry. We are a large-scale business that is not focused on one thing. Our activity is IT, development, marketing, everything related to traffic, famous brands and much more. We have many departments that synergize with each other, but at the same time are self-sufficient and can work outside the ecosystem.

«We grow in a year as others grow in 10». PIN-UP Global employees say about working in the ecosystem and its development /Фото 1

PIN-UP Global is a multinational team, our offices are represented in: Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Armenia and Peru. We are going to open an office in India. Our team includes more than 2,000 specialists.

«We grow in a year as others grow in 10». PIN-UP Global employees say about working in the ecosystem and its development /Фото 2
Volodymyr Todurov

Volodymyr Todurov

Chief Analytics Officer, 4+ years PIN-UP Global, Kyiv

On the one hand, PIN-UP is an endless stream of new challenges, as well as tasks that require effective solutions in the shortest time possible. On the other hand, there is a sense of care, an atmosphere of mutual assistance and constructiveness. We create very favorable conditions for every employee to develop and grow.

The uniqueness of the team is that we are very flexible in our internal processes. Of course, as in any large system, we create procedures and follow them. But when we need to take ʼa step outsideʼ, we quickly change our approach, reorganize our work, and revise our strategy. We are focused on achieving results.

Team PIN-UP Global

Our specialist is a proactive professional who knows how to work in the mode of a highly loaded system. He is fast, team-oriented, result-oriented, flexible, straightforward. For him, constant professional growth, the opportunity to apply his practical experience is important. He understands who his end customer is and how his actions affect the business. It is important for us that each employee knows how the business works, as well as each of its components, and how the result of the work of one team affects others. He understands the profile of our client and builds a client-oriented approach internally and externally.

Dmytro Poltorak

Dmytro Poltorak

Vice President of Engineering, PIN-UP.TECH, 5+ months in the team, Poland

My team develops a competitive gambling platform using modern DevOps and QA programming technologies. Also, we are engaged in the operation, support and operational activities of the functioning of this platform.

For me, PIN-UP Global is a team of professionals whose uniqueness lies in competence and the best expertise in the market. One of our strongest aspects is our desire for speed. We implement projects by using innovations in a very short time. This makes it possible to ensure the quality of the product and services, as well as to be ahead of competitors and respond promptly to market changes.

The PIN-UP Global team is growing rapidly, so we welcome candidate feedback and recommendations. Currently, we have more than 400 vacancies that you can see on our website.

Katerina Yeromina

Katerina Yeromina

Head of Affiliates UA, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, 3,5 years in the team, Ukraine

At PIN-UP, I went through a long and interesting development path from SMM specialist to Head of Affiliates in Ukraine. This happened thanks to the leadersʼ faith in my strengths and the opportunities provided by the ecosystem to realize my ambitions. If you have the necessary hard and soft skills and the desire to grow, here you will have unlimited opportunities for self-realization.

Our uniqueness is that we try to do the impossible, we grow in a year as others grow in 10 years.

Team motivation and support

People join the PIN-UP Global team because they are interested in working where there is constant development, business scaling, minimal bureaucracy and decisions are made very quickly. The ecosystem has an open friendly approach, our words do not differ from our deeds. Our secret to success is very simple — we are never satisfied with what we have achieved. We want even better — this is our constant professional hunger. We improve and rebuild something every day, we are in constant motion. We look for the best expertise on the market, we get consultations, we try new approaches, we are not afraid to make mistakes, but it is important for us to understand them in order not to repeat.

Internal leadership is highly valued in the ecosystem. PIN-UP Global brings together a wealth of expertise that is extremely valuable. Thatʼs why we promote growth within the ecosystem — we promote internal and external learning, empowering, early stage support, and expert support.

Kamilya Bayshemirova

Kamilya Bayshemirova

External Communications Manager, 8 months in the team, Kazakhstan

My main activity is the reputation of the PIN-UP brand in Kazakhstan. I also participate in marketing communications.

The first thing I noticed when I became part of the team was that they pay a lot of attention to the comfort and growth of employees. I feel appreciated. Despite the different time zones and being spread over all corners of the Earth, we work as a single mechanism.

We are a socially responsible ecosystem. Some of our specialists are currently defending Ukraine, all agreements with them have been preserved, including the payment of income. We help them with any queries. We are already thinking about how we will support our colleagues who will return from the war. Part of the team is engaged in volunteering. We also have the PIN-UP Foundation charity fund, which today helps Ukrainians actively.

All our offices are comfortable and in Ukraine they are additionally adapted for the period of war. We provide free English language courses, psychological support, medical insurance, employees have the option of a flexible schedule.

Daniela del Carmen Vento Alvarez

Daniela del Carmen Vento Alvarez

People Partner, 6 months in the team, Peru

I am in charge of the organization and support of all HR processes of our employees. My work begins at the stage of getting to know a new employee and continues throughout his stay in our ecosystem. It consists in maintaining a high level of individual specialists and entire teams, which, as a result, leads to efficient and coordinated work and the achievement of business goals.

PIN.UP Global is an industry leader that creates market trends rather than following them. And this desire for perfection is transferred to the specialists of the ecosystem and creates a positive working atmosphere, which is, in my opinion, the main advantage of our team.

PIN.UP Global employs more than 2,000 people of 20+ nationalities in six countries around the world. We are different, but united by one common goal. This is what makes us unique.


The management of PIN-UP Global teams is based on shared values, formed by the employees of the ecosystem themselves. They are the basis of all processes.

«We grow in a year as others grow in 10». PIN-UP Global employees say about working in the ecosystem and its development /Фото 3
Vasiliy Yanitskyi

Vasiliy Yanitskyi

CEO PIN-UP.CRM, 5 years in the team, Cyprus

PIN-UP Global is a drive structure in which it is each member keeps getting better, no matter what level he is. Why are we unique? We always keep the pulse, constantly develop and move forward. We are open and do not like excessive bureaucracy. For example, a chat operator can write directly to me without any problems.

We employ professionals with unique experience and expertise who make this market better.

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