International Economic Forum in Poland: How Ukraine Can Become an Equal Partner of Europe
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International Economic Forum in Poland: How Ukraine Can Become an Equal Partner of Europe

The 31st International Economic Forum was held in the Polish city of Karpacz recently. About 3,000 participants, including European and Ukrainian politicians and government officials, members of the parliaments of EU countries and representatives of the European Parliament, business people and influential analysts from many European countries and the world, attended the forum. Four hundred discussion panels focused on the reconstruction of Ukraine, the future of Europe and their security in various spheres were organized at the 31st International Economic Forum with the support of the Polish Sejm, its governing bodies and voivodeships.

Інвестувати? Почекати? Продавати? Війна змінює все, крім обов’язку лідера приймати виважені рішення. Вже 30 травня 40+ спікерів поділяться досвідом на Першій щорічній конференції про фінанси, інвестиції та економічне зростання. Купуйте квиток за посиланням.

In recent years, Ukraine has made significant progress in many social and political life and business activities. Thus, Ukraine can count on attracting large amounts of investment for post-war reconstruction and modernization.

This was stated by Oles Dovgiy, who is part of the Ukrainian delegation at the 31st International Economic Forum in Karpacz, in his speech to European politicians, officials and partners of Ukraine.

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Oles Dovgiy, Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Health Insurance.

ʼYou see how Ukrainians fight. We, each of you, have shown the world that we are strong; we know how to fight and defend Ukraine, our homes, and the whole of Europe and the world,» he said, addressing the panel participants on financing the recovery of the Ukrainian economy. ʼWe will fight not only at the front for every meter of our land. At the same time, we will fight for the restoration of Ukrainian cities, for a decent standard of living for Ukrainians and, accordingly, for every cent of your investments.»

In his opinion, Ukraine is ready to apply the best global practices and create hundreds of attractive investment cases in the energy, agricultural sector, IT business, heavy and light industry, etc. 

ʼWe are implementing all the crucial reforms to meet transparency standards for attracting Western capital to Ukraine. We believe in the possibility of rapid economic growth; therefore, we are convinced that your investments in Ukraine will be successful,» said Dovgiy in his speech, speaking together with the Minister of Finance of Poland and the Head of the Government Development Agency Magdalena Zhechkowska and Pavlo Borys.

The main challenge for Ukraine is the collapse of the economy due to the war and the loss of almost half of the GDP. That is why, according to Dovgiy, the growth of the economy is the number one task now and after the victory.

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Yuriy Bova, Major of Trostyanets City, Sumy Region. Serhii Zamidra, Vice Head of the National Association of Local Communities. Grzegorz Pavel Puda, Member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland. Oles Dovgiy, Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Health Insurance.

ʼWhen the first attempt at war began in 2014, Ukraine lost control over Crimea and part of the eastern regions with a large number of assets. It took us about five years to return to the pre-war level of the GDP. Today we need much faster growth. This is a lesson we have already learned: Ukraine cannot rely only on the help of Western countries but must create an effective ecosystem for attracting investments and be open to the inflow of capital from all countries of the world. We are grateful for the support from the partner states, but we must be open to foreign investments from the private sector,» he explained in his speech.

At the same time, Oles Dovgiy reminded that Ukraine has changed significantly – it has made significant progress in reforms and economic transformation. The formation of strict legislation to prevent and fight against corruption is being completed; de-oligarchization will be an incentive for the development of competition in many sectors of the economy and will reduce the influence of oligarchs on state institutions. Implementation of EU norms into Ukrainian legislation raises standards in the field of property rights protection.

In addition, deep mutual economic integration with the West is the best guarantee of security for Ukraine, Dovgiy is convinced.

Investments are the best way to interest European countries in the long-term protection of Ukraine. Joint investment and mutual economic development are what we all need now. Ukraine is open to investments.

Our country can become a reliable centre for capital in conditions of high global inflation and almost zero value of money. ʼLook for markets for investments so that your money does not stand still,» Mr Dovgiy emphasized, addressing business representatives in the hall of the economic forum. ʼIn Ukraine, investments give double-digit profits. Your investments are welcome in Ukraine. We do not ask the Western business for help, but we will do everything so that you, together with Ukrainian business, move Ukraine forward and earn money together.»

Among the official institutional partners of the event, there are the structures of the European Union, in particular the EU Regional Development Fund, the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency, the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, and large European and international companies, including Rothschild & Co, Samsung, Philips, KPMG, IKEA and Shell. The institutional partner of the international forum from Ukraine is the family investment company DOVGIY Family Office, founded and managed by the representatives of the Dovgiy family.

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