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«Ukrainian women, you are strong and inspire women all over the world». The opinion of actress and investor Katheryn Winnick about Ukraine female leadership

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Forbes proposed American and Ukrainian politicians, top managers, volunteers, paramedics, diplomats and actresses to write an essay on what modern female leadership is. Ukrainian women aren’t afraid to «get their hands dirty» whether on the battlefield, on the streets, or at home protecting their families. It's very inspiring, says actress, producer, director and investor Katheryn Winnick

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Female leadership in 2023 is about being a good role model. It’s about having your own opinion, a strong voice, and supporting other women in their growth. Donʼt be afraid to take risks, push boundaries and surround yourself with experienced people who inspire you. The main qualities of a female leader are self-confidence, independence and fearlessness.

A strong leader also takes responsibility for ones own life — morally, ethically, spiritually, and financially. People know me as a strong and independent woman who believes in creating opportunities. For example, I started practicing martial arts at the age of 7, and at 12 I received my first black belt in taekwondo. When I reflect, I remember there were very few girls in my category at taekwondo tournaments, I had to compete with boys. 

There were times when they said: «Take care of her. She is just a girl». This just pushed me towards a victory. All these challenges and life obstacles inspired me to open a martial arts school and has helped shape me into the woman I am today: an actress, producer, director and investor in companies. 

The world has been ready for active female leadership for a long time. Historically, some of the brightest leaders have been women. By analyzing history and developments from different cultures, we can learn from these strong role models who have paved the way for today female leaders. 

I feel the responsibility of a modern, female leader is to create a support network to help other women around the world to achieve equality. For instance, I’m an ambassador for Ukraine’s UNITED24 platform. Now I am focusing on the Rebuild Ukraine program, which will help restore residential buildings in Ukraine. 

Since the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, I have been making a lot of effort in helping Ukrainian women and children. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who want to help, but don’t know how. This was the catalyst in starting The Winnick Foundation, a charity which collects financial donations and partners up with UNITED24 to help the humanitarian needs of Ukraine.

It’s important that we don’t become familiar with a state of war as the norm. It’s necessary to talk about it, to stay educated, and to do everything humanly possible to end this senseless war. 

I sincerely believe that with our joint efforts, we will put an end to this threat and make Ukraine even stronger for generations to come. 

Ukrainian women are warriors. I am very inspired by their strength. They aren’t afraid to «get their hands dirty» whether on the battlefield, on the streets, or at home protecting their families. 

Ukrainian women, you are strong, and you inspire me and other women all over the world. You aren’t alone. Keep fighting for Ukraine, the world supports you.

And support The Winnick Foundation and UNITED24’s fundraiser.

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